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Strengthening skills

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Does anyone else struggle to return to a golden status of a skill? I just tried to go golden from having 4/5 bars and even though I answered more than 90 % of the question correctly my status did not change. It's a bit frustrating. Back to studying I guess.

2 years ago



Strange, it did happen to me a couple of times, but not very often. More studying is never a bad thing though;-) Veel succes!

2 years ago

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i don't think it matters how many question you got right.. the lesson won't end until you answer the right amount of question and after that it's done! I usually redo the lesson in 1-2 days after it get's "ungolden" but once I waited few days more and after I finished the skill it stayed ungolden and the next practice for that same skill had different words.. it's like it was ungoldened twice for the period that I didn't practice it and then I had to catch up on more words..

2 years ago