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  5. "Sisteme bakışım değişti."

"Sisteme bakışım değişti."

Translation:My view on the system has changed.

October 27, 2015



That's a dative 'e' on 'sisteme', right?


I just studied your comments on word order in "this event led to a crisis between two countries" and "I gave the book to Bookrabbit yesterday after school" Now, looking at "Sisteme bakışım değişti." I am wondering why the Dativ object is in the beginning of the sentence and not the subject. Could you please explain that to me?


This is due to the nature of "bakış." It is sort of in a noun phrase with "sistem" to get the meaning of "view on something." "bakış" (just like the verb bakmak) takes the dative case.

Since it is a phrase, the head of the phrase (in this case, the main noun) must come at the end. Ergo, "sisteme" comes before it.


Okay, I think I got it now. Thank you.


How do you say "In my opinion, the system has changed?"


Bence sistem değişmiş


Bana göre sistem değişti.

Disclaimer: I am not a national.


So it reads "the symmetry changed the system"?


That would be impossible here. "To change something" is "değiştirmek" and "sistem" would be in the accusative case.

And I myself had to double check, but per Selcen, "bakışım" is not used to mean "symmetry." That would be the extremely difficult word, "simetri"


Yeah, sometimes I decode these sentences to mean something completely different. This one really threw me off because I had never seen the word "bakış" before. Sağol.


Then we have three synonyms bakış , fikir, and görüş.


This should be "of the system" rather than "on the system". Sisteme bakışım değişti. (My view of the system has changed).

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