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  5. "Sie braucht ihren Schlaf."

"Sie braucht ihren Schlaf."

Translation:She needs her sleep.

October 27, 2015



Because "Schlaf" is masculine and is the (direct) object of the sentence, taking the accusative case, therefore the possessive "ihr" has to be masculine accusative, which takes the ending -en.


Why doesn't She needs to sleep correct? It expresses the same thing, doesn't it?


"She needs to sleep" = "Sie muss schlafen". As "ihren" is specified though, you should translate it as "her". In most cases, the meaning of both will be very similar or identical, but with this site, it's best to employ the favourite phrase of Latin teachers everywhere (or maybe just the ones I had): "So treu wie möglich und so frei wie nötig" ("as faithful as possible and as free as necessary"), even though other things might sound better.


Just curious, "she needs her beauty sleep" would be: Sie braucht ihren Schönheitsschlaf/ gesunden Schlaf, right?


what about 'she needs their sleep'


I mean, yes, but why?

I think the likelihood of anyone interpreting ‘ihr’ in this sentence as referring to anyone else than ‘sie’ is very low, as low as the chances of interpreting ‘her’ in ‘she needs her sleep’ as referring to another person. But technically ‘their’ would be correct.


How about "she needs her rest", would that be acceptable?


Rest can be just lying around, but being awake, but sleeping is actually closing your eyes and sleeping.


That expresses a similar concept, but not identical.


Why "ihren"? Schlaf is not plural


It's masculine and accusative.

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