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Basque for your trip: Lesson 3 ~ Ask questions and for directions

If you ever decide to take a trip to the Basque country, it would be useful to learn a bit of Basque so you can communicate with the locals, especially in more rural areas. I will teach you some useful phrases so you can get by in Basque. I have made these lessons for English speakers, but there are also Spanish translations as well. I want to focus on vocabulary and phrases since you don't really want to stress about grammar on a trip or holiday, right?

Lesson 3 ~ Ask questions and ask for directions

nor(k)? ~ who?/ quién?

zer? ~ what?/ qué?

zergatik ~ why?/ por qué?

noiz? ~ when?/ cuándo?

non? ~ where?/ dónde?

nola ~ how?/ cómo?

kalea ~ street/ calle

zubia ~ bridge/ puente

parkea ~ park/ parque

non dago _ ? ~ where's the _ ?/ dónde está el/la _ ?

... turismo - bulegoa? ~ ... the tourist office?/ ... la oficina de Turismo?

... metroko geltoki hurbilena? ~ ... the nearest Metro station?/ ... la estación de Metro más cercana?

... tranbia - geltoki hurbilena? ~ ... the nearest tram stop?/ la parada de tranvía más cercana?

... tren- geltokia? ~ ... the train station?/ la estación de trenes?

... aireportua? ~ ... the airport?/ ... el aeropuerto?

... hirigunea? ~ ... the city centre?/ ... el centro?

... alde historikoa? ~ ... the old quarter?/ ... el casco histórico?

... hotela? ~ ... the hotel?/ ... el hotel?

... kutxazain automatiko bat? ~ ... an ATM?/ ... un cajero automático?

... museoa? ~ ... the museum?/ ... el museo?

... Bizkaiko Zubia? ~ ... the suspension bridge?/ el puente colgante?

... funikularra? ~ ... the funicular railway?/ el funicular?

mapa ~ map/ mapa

mapan adieraziko didazu, mesedez? ~ could you show me on the map?/ me lo puede mostrar en el mapa?

zuzen jarraitu ~ straight on/ todo derecho

biratu eskuinetara ~ turn right/ gire a la derecha

biratu ezkerretara ~ turn left/ gire a la izquierda

And that's it! Now I'll show you some photos in relation to this lesson:

Here is a photo of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao:

It's an amazing building, isn't it?

Here is a photo of the suspension bridge near Getxo:

As far as I know, it has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Here is a photo of the awesome funicular railway, just in case you don't know what one looks like:

If you missed the previous lessons, you can find them here: Lesson 1 ~ Say hello and introduce yourself , Lesson 2 ~ Traveling and accommodation

October 27, 2015



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