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New Esperanto Practice group in Kent, UK

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Hi All,

While Kent is the UKs gateway to Europe so to speak, for some reason we seem to be lacking an Esperanto club and the EAB have few records of registered Esperanto speakers in the area. That's why we started one! It's called Esperanto Invicta. It is still early days, and we are going to be organising meets based upon best fit for where everyone is located.

I anyone is on the site who wants to practice their Esperanto and/or discuss Duolingo modules that they are stuck on etc. please drop me a line. It does not matter how far you are through your Esperanto learning, hearing people speak the language and forcing you to speak it is always a boon.

2 years ago

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i want to practice, my skype is Daniel.Aguilar230

Reply2 years ago