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  5. "Where is the house key?"

"Where is the house key?"

Translation:Ev anahtarı nerede?

October 27, 2015



What's the difference between "ev" and "evin" in this situation?


The only difference is that if you were to say "ev anahtarı," it is general. If you say "evin anahtarı," you must have a specific house's key in mind.


Which would be more commonly used in Turkey?

I can't actually think of a situation where I'd ask about a house key without having a specific house in mind.


"ev anahtarı" is definitely more common.

"evin anahtarı" would more commonly be used preceded by "bu/o" while pointed at a specific house. Like, "Do you have that house's key?"


Alex, you're wrong. In Turkey, "evin anahtarı" and "araba anahtarı" are more common.


Why isn't out anahtarını? Isn't the subject also supposed to be in possessive form?


But you put it in the accusative case, which cannot be done on the subject. "anahtar" is the noun without any suffixes.


Ok, true, but what about, Evin anahtarın?


That is incorrect Turkish. I am not sure which suffixes you are adding to which words.

First, there is no genitive case here. "Ev anahtarı" is a noun compound with the 3rd person possessive suffix after it (which is how you form noun compounds).

I think what you were trying to do was add the genitive case and the possessive suffix to anahtar, which isn't how this is done.

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