"I am a student."

Translation:Jeg er student.

October 27, 2015



Why is it "jeg er student" and not "jeg er en student"?


Yeah im pretty confused here. Previous statements have not allowed omission of the "en"


Why isn't 'elev' acceptable?


'Elev' - 'Pupil'

'Student' - 'Student'

"Student" is mostly used when referring to someone attending university/college. Whereas "elev" is used to describe younger children in school.


but student has more or less replaced pupil in English (my dictionary lists pupil as "becoming old-fashioned".) So an English student could easily be a Norwegian elev


Yes, absolutely! But in Norwegian, that distinction is still here. So if you want to be sure that the person you're talking to doesn't misunderstand, it's useful to know about, and differentiate between the two.


I don't disagree. But are you saying I am a student can never be correctly translated as jeg er elev, depending on the context? (The translation direction in this particular exercise is EN->NO, not the other way around.)


Since the English distinction between 'student' and 'pupil' is no longer that strict, I think it probably should be accepted to choose either 'pupil' or 'student' when translating from NO to EN. Since the distinction is still used in Norwegian, I think it would be best to have to specify with either 'elev' or 'student' when translating from EN to NO. However, it might not be possible to differentiate this detailed in the programming (between having it appear as correct one way and not the other). And in wanting to show the distinction in Norwegian they might have to keep it this way, I don't know. EDIT: Both are accepted now! :)


I've added it now.

Vildand has given a good explanation of the distinction between "elev" and "student" in Norwegian below, and as the English "student" is used more broadly we'll accept them both as translations for it.


It should be accepted now!


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