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  5. "Wann wird er erfolgen?"


"Wann wird er erfolgen?"

January 6, 2013



The whole translation sounds weird to me. IMO you can't use "erfolgen" with a person. So it would only make sense in English if "er" was translated as "it": "When will it take place/occur/happen?"


I agree with Katherle. No person can "erfolgen" (a native speaker's opinion). @JoeOcher "When will he follow" sounds good as an English sentence but is not a translation of the given sentence. Let me just provide a little context: {Vor dem Theater. "Ich habe die Zeit des Einlasses vergessen. Wann wird er erfolgen?"} - {In front of the theatre. "I forgot the time of admittance. When will it take place/occur/happen?"} I know the English sentence sounds a bit constructed, but it's all I could come up with and it'll do to explain the use of "erfolgen"...


thanks, the example was really useful :)


'When will he ensue' - the 'correct' answer given - does not sound like an English sentence to me, a native speaker of English.


I agree that "When will he ensue?" is quite odd, and that "When will it happen?" seems like a better translation.....better English, anyway :)


"When will he follow" sounds better as a translation.

[deactivated user]

    But that would be 'Wann wird er folgen?', not 'Wann wird er erfolgen?'...


    Proposed translation of 'erfolgen' is 'take place', no mention of 'follow' or 'ensue'... yet the translation 'When will he take place' is incorrect... oh well...

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