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  5. "Eu quero uma sopa de tomate."

"Eu quero uma sopa de tomate."

Translation:I want a tomato soup.

January 6, 2013



In English, I think it's awkward to have "a" tomato soup. I wouldn't mark this incorrect should someone answer with "I want tomato soup"


I was doing this and thought that too. It does sound more natural but "Ii want tomato soup." in portuguese would be "Eu quero sopa de tomate." It's a slight difference. It might show I have no points in any language but I speak fluent portuguese I lived there for 6 years.


So is this sentence more applicable to when you are ordering at a restaurant? In the US, "I want a tomato soup" would likely mean the same thing as "I want tomato soup" in just about any context, but the former would sound a bit odd in just about any scenario except ordering. In Portuguese, is the latter simply the more "generic" version?


It no longer marks "I want tomato soup" as incorrect.


"I want tomato soup" sounds much more natural to a speaker of English than "I want A tomato soup." There are very few times when one might say that.


No native English speaker says "I want a tomato soup" because 'tomato soup' is NOT a countable noun. You can say "I want a glass of milk" because it is possible to count the number of glasses that you might want. But, it is NOT possible to count soup. Soup is just soup.


In some cases noncount nouns in ENGLISH are used with a/an. Some examples: I would like A coffee, please. Or, Would you like AN ice cream? And, I'll have A soda. Nobody will say, "I will have A CAN OF Coke or A GLASS OF coke" Everybody will just ask for a Coke or a Pepsi.


Correct, but saying uma sopa clarifies that you want a single serving of soup. In English, that is just implied.


"I want tomato soup" should be correct as well.


It is now. :)


I'm brazilian - gf of this canadian guy - and I came to help him with a couple things in portuguese. I know it might look wrong but it how it is. When we are learning english and we cant put an A in front of some words, it seems weird too. But theres differences on a way how languages communicate. Thats how it is (:


So, if I am understanding you correctly, "Eu queto uma sopa de tomate" is the common and correct way to say you want a bowl of tomato soup, yes?

If so, then the translation should be either "I want tomato soup" or "I want a bowl of tomato soup" because those, while not word-for-word literal, are the common and correct ways to say the same thing in English.


*quero (sorry about the typo)


I guess in a restaurant one can order " we would like one tomato soup and one chicken soup , please"


I said "I want SOME tomato soup". Is that a good translation?

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