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  5. "No, that is a tea spoon."

"No, that is a tea spoon."

Translation:Hayır, o bir çay kaşığı.

October 27, 2015



Why do you need the indefinite article?


If you don't include it, you will obscure the meaning. It will be "that tea spoon" otherwise.


Why "kaşığı"?


This is a noun compound. You can read more about them here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/tr/Dates-and-Time


As I understand unlike before adjectives in case of noun compounds bir goes before all words? I wrote çay bir kaşığı and got it wrong.


Your answer was wrong, but your description of the grammar is correct: "bir" is after adjectives but before both parts of a compound noun:

  • o bir çay kaşığı = that is a teaspoon
  • o küçük bir kaşık = that is a small spoon
  • o küçük bir çay kaşığı = that is a small teaspoon


What is the difference between "o" and "şu"


The distinctions can often be blurred, but it's about rough distance...

"şu" is closer- some people say closer to the listener than the speaker, while others say anywhere within eyesight that isn't close enough for "bu".

"o" is far from both the speaker and listener (some people specify out of eyesight, but not everyone), or it's an abstract idea that can't be seen at all (ex. O iyi bir fikir = That is a good idea)

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