not working

I can't use the mobile version on googleplay for android.plese help me update version in all languages processing not working

November 17, 2013


You'll want to move this to the Troubleshooting forum. To do that, just edit your post. At the top of you editing window, click "Duolingo". It is a drop down menu. Select "Troubleshooting" from that menu. Then save the post. It will automatically move itself to the forum you selected. Good luck!

Hi! Can you try uninstalling and reinstalling? Or try restarting the app first? Also, would you be able to give some more information in regards to what exactly you're experiencing?

Thank you I changed my phone language now there is no problem

Great! What language was your phone in before switching?

Hi MustafaKay1 - just following up. What language was your phone in before you switched?

Sorry for I couldn't rewrite It was Turkish

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