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  5. "Su içelim."

"Su içelim."

Translation:Let's drink water.

October 28, 2015



So this verb mood has the same function as some of the verbs we refer to as modal verbs: should, might and ought. They are used to say things like, "I ought to paint the house." That implies that painting the house is something that would be good to do (although I'm not doing (yet) doing it).


"We shall drink water" should be correct no? Otherwise when should I use "shall" and when "should"?


This verb tense (or rather mood) is called the optative. It really means something along the lines of "let's..." "Shall" when used in a regular affirmative, indicative sentence (not a question), is mostly used as a fancy alternate for "will" or a slightly weaker version of "must."

If this were a question, you could use "shall," but it isn't. It is better to use "let's." "We should" is accepted but that is because it can mean the same thing as "let's." [the semantics of modal verbs is a nightmare and they don't really line up well between Germanic languages, let along all languages]

[deactivated user]

    Why is this lesson so strict about the 's in let's... It's never be so particular about little grammar mistakes before. Now I just skip the apostrophe and i get it wrong :-/


    That's because 's is important; "lets" without the apostrophe is a verb as in "He lets his children stay up late." Let's --with the apostrophe-- is an abbreviated form of "Let us" as in Let us leave the way that we entered.


    Why is "Let's drink the water" incorrect?


    Word bank shoukd include let's and let but leaving the 's out on its own does make sense and one keeps forgetting it

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