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  5. "Ne rimanevano due."

"Ne rimanevano due."

Translation:There were two of them remaining.

November 17, 2013



I don't understand why ne is used here. Can anyone explain why it's this instead of 'ci sono'?


Ne means "of them".


Isn't that function served by having they loro form of the verb there? Sorry if I'm being thick, i just don't understand what this adds to the sentence


as i understand it,

"rimanevano due" = "there were two remaining", [meaning some two people that remained, no further context given] or simply "two remained".

"ne rimanevano due" = "there were two of them remaining" [meaning some larger group of people, of which only two remained, the context probably comes from earlier sentences].

And you wouldn't need "ci sono" in either case, because you already have one verb (rimanevano), and another (sono) is redundant. The best English translation of "rimanevano" would be "[they] were remaining", but to understand grammar better, imagine it as "[they] remained". To say "ci sono rimanevano" is like saying "there were they remained", i.e. grammatically incorrect.


Great explanation! Grazie mille. Although I knew the answer, I just want you to know that your eloquent response is appreciated.


"rimanevano due" only makes sense if there was a larger group from which only two remained. both sentences could be applied to the same game of musical chairs. there is no contextual difference between the two sentences. it's just a different way to say it and maybe add a little emphasis. maybe they're telling ghost stories.


Ci sono is 'there are' C'erano is 'there were'. NE means 'of them' or it can mean 'of it'


Why do I hear "net" when she is pronouncing only "ne"? Is there a special rule to say that I should hear the "t"?


I agree! I kept hearing "net" and that is what I wrote.


The pronunciation is simply wrong. I reported it. Did you? That's the only way to get it fixed.


I heard it, too. I also heared it when they use the accented word 'Nè' - the conjunction meaning 'neither or nor', so that is what I used. They did not correct me.


4 years later and that's what I heard too


And so did I, and that's what i typed, but I knew it was wrong as it didn't even sound Italian, let alone mean anything. And they marked it right! I had to come to the discussion to find out what it should have been.


D.L. accepted " There were two left"


It remained two of them marked as incorrect. Why?


First, it's bad and unclear English. Your sentence seems to day that "it" caused "two of them" to remain. At least, that's what I, a native speaker, guess what it means. "Remain" is not used like that in English, it's intransitive (does not take an object). So "It remains" or "they remain" are good, but "it remains them" is meaningless. You would probably want to use something like "It leaves them."

On to the Italian: "rimanevano" is third person plural. So the subject here has to be "due." So it must be something like "two of them remained" or "two of them were remaining." Duo's translation "There were two of them remaining." has the same meaning, but is a less literal translation.


Got it. Thank you very much for your help.


I do not see why "there used to remain two of them" is incorrect


"Two of them used to remain" might be plausible.


That does not sound right in English, American English anyway.


"there remained two of them" is wrong, why?


"There remained two of them" is perfectly fine in English, although you wouldn't hear it spoken often in this way. It is however not the imperfect tense, which is what this unit is about. For the tense to be accurate it needs to be formulated as "there were ... remaining" as the imperfect tense comes across as an action that is in progress, or incomplete in the past. Having said that, Duo seems to be pretty forgiving about this kind of thing - you just got unlucky.


There were remaining two of them... also marked as wrong. I assume because of you wouldn't hear that spoken like that?


Oh thanks, I see, well... I hope to remember all this... (heaving a big sigh....)


The English sounds wrong. Correct English is "two of them remained", but it is probably the wrong tense.


"Two of them were remaining" was accepted


It's very hard to understand this, because we don't know all context.


Isn't 'there were remaining two' correct English? 'There were two remaining' (which is a correct answer) is not very different.


You would be understood but, that would not be how an English speaker would say it. As I am learning from my studies English is backwards to many other languages. Red door, big ball, short person, two remaining. I have the problem of getting my word order right in Italian as it goes against my natural English word order. I applaud your learning Italian from English which is not your first language. Good luck with your studies! :-D


Thank you. I have to say my English has become much better now I learn Italian from English. So I am learning two languages in one go! Good luck to you too and thanks for your reply!


can't it be: they left two of them????


It's very difficult!


"The two of them remained..."


Only two remained was marked incorrect


Because there is no reason to add "only."


The new voice, sounding like a child but probably mechanic, is for me impossible to hear what "it" is saying.

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