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"Manglene hadde vært alvorlige."

Translation:The shortages had been serious.

October 28, 2015



I've heard many norwegians say "det hadde vært hyggelig" in reply to an invite for coffee or similar. I understand this means something like "that would be nice/cosy" but I don't understand why?!!


What part about it don't you understand?

And since this is not related to the above sentence, I suggest you start a forum post about it :)


Well when they reply to the coffee invite, they are accepting a future event, but in this sentence, they are referring to the past. I put the question here as I was wondering if this would ever be translated in the same manner "the shortages would be serious""?


"hadde vært"(had been) can be another way of saying "ville ha vært"(would have been), but only if there's a condition. "Det hadde vært hyggelig (om jeg kunne komme på kaffe)". It's common to use past tense for such conditional/hypothetical statements.

So the above sentence could translate to "would've been", but only if it was a condition: "Manglene hadde vært alvorlige om de ikke hadde vært fikset" = "The shortages would have been serious had they not been fixed".


Ok, I didn't realise we could use it instead of "ville ha vært" like that. That makes sense, thank you! Makes me realise I still have a lot to learn :-D


Another way of saying "ville ha vært" would be "ville vært" ('ha' is often dropped colloquially).


i used scarcities instead of shortages - doesn't matter.

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