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"De er britiske, men ikke engelske."

Translation:They are British, but not English.

October 28, 2015



Just to clear this up for anyone interested:

'Great Britain' is just England, Scotland and Wales. 'The United Kingdom' is made up of Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. 'The British Isles' is the geographical definition of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This is why on British (anybody from the United Kingdom) passports it says "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" :)

Just to add more confusion, you may be thinking that "British people" by that definition are those from Great Britain. But quite often Northern Irish people declare themselves British, as they are ruled by the British monarch. But depending on their political stance, they may declare themselves Irish.


And furthermore, Irish people aren't too fond of the term 'British Isles' as it has some... unfortunate implications, so it's best avoided amongst them. 'Britain and Ireland' is an acceptable neutral substitute, however.


Then there are the inhabitants of the Isle of Man, the various Channel Islands, and perhaps a handful of other places that are part of the United Kingdom and/or Great Britain, but aren't English, Welsh, Scottish, or any variant of Irish.


As a Welshman, I will be using this sentence often.


As a Scotsman, I will be using this sentence more often than you. :)


As a Welsh person, I won't be using this at all. Not 'British' tag for me, thanks!


As a wee woman from Norn Irn, I'm with you fella


Jeg er glad at norskmenn vite det. Mange mennesker bruker vilkårene feil. :)


Then there's the whole Britons and Angles thing from 1500 year ago too


Is this distinction always made in casual Norwegian?


I would hope so, if the person being spoken about is Scottish or Welsh. :P


OI! Or Northern Irish!!!!


WelshNotBritish ;-)

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