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  5. "Djuret är en anka."

"Djuret är en anka."

Translation:The animal is a duck.

October 28, 2015



The d is silent, yes?


Yep, that's correct.


you mean en anka ar ett djur

[deactivated user]

    No, that would mean something different. You could say "the animal is a duck" when you've determined the species of the animal (notice the definite article), and that statement could be false (if the animal is actually not a duck). "A duck is an animal" is a fact, and can never be false.


    What's the difference between "en" and "ett"?


    I am sorry but a sentence formulated like this doesn't have any sense!


    It doesn't have to be Super Useful Always™ to be good practice.


    Of course it does:

    Whats that animal? the animal is a duck


    Shouldn't in that case the answer be "That animal is a duck"?


    I wonder if knowledge of this phrase will help me in the future


    Certainly practicing the words and pronunciation will help.


    I typed "Djuret har en anka" and it says, it is correct. Please, fix


    Unfortunately, we are not able to affect Duolingo's underlying correction system. The general rule is that you're allowed one typo per word, as long as this doesn't turn the word into another word. So since Duolingo sometimes thinks that Swedish words don't count (like har, here), and since it also thinks that a and ä are the same letters, you're being let through with a typo. It's detrimental to people's learning, and certainly not something I like, but not something I have influence over.

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