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  5. "Det er en liten klasse."

"Det er en liten klasse."

Translation:It is a small class.

October 28, 2015



Why is det used here instead of den? I thought that the gender of 'it' would have to match the gender of 'class'?


You'd use 'det'/'den' had the word already been introduced. 'det' and 'den' can only refer to something already stated, otherwise you'd use 'det'.

"Det er klassen. Den er liten." = "That/It is the class. It is small."

"Den er en liten klasse" = "That class is a small class."


Thanks, that helps a lot to see it in that context.


"Den er en liten klasse " is not ok in Norwegian.

"Den klassen er liten." is fine.

"Den klassen er en liten klasse." is fine.

"Det er en liten klasse." is ok.

"Den er en liten bil." is not ok.

"Den bilen er en liten bil." is ok.

"Det er en liten bil." is ok.


hvis jeg si små klasse... er det greit?


No, not unless you're talking about multiple classes. So long as it's just one, as in this sentence, it's 'lite'.


"Det er små klasser." is correct.

Små is plural. En liten bil, små biler. Et lite eple, små epler. Ei lita jente, små jenter. En liten klasse, små klasser.

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