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Basque for your trip: Lesson 4 ~ getting help

If you ever decide to take a trip to the Basque country, it would be useful to learn a bit of Basque so you can communicate with the locals, especially in more rural areas. I will teach you some useful phrases so you can get by in Basque. I have made these lessons for English speakers, but there are also Spanish translations as well. I want to focus on vocabulary and phrases since you don't really want to stress about grammar on a trip or holiday, right?

Lesson 4 ~ getting help

ospitalea ~ hospital/ hospital

laguntza! ~ help!/ ayuda!

larrialdi bat da ~ it's an emergency/ es una emergencia

galdu egin naiz ~ I'm lost/ estoy perdido

gaixorik nago ~ I'm sick/ estoy enfermo

mediku bat behar dut ~ I need a doctor/ necesito un médico

zure telefonoa erabili ahal dut? ~ can I use your phone?/ puedo utilizar su teléfono?

non dago ospitalea? ~ where's a hospital?/ dónde hay un hospital?

dokumentazioa galdu dut ~ I have lost my documentation/ he perdido mi documentación

medikua~ doctor/ médico

dokumentazioa ~ documentation/ documentación

That was a pretty short lesson! I don't have any photos of the Basque country in relation to this, but I'll show you some photos anyway:

This is a sculpture of a spider outside the Guggenheim Museum. Some people go to the Guggenheim Museum just for this! It has a name too: Mamas

This is a photo of San Mamés Stadium, where Athletic Bilbao play:

I hope you enjoyed this lesson! Look out for tomorrow's lesson: Food! If you missed the previous ones, you can find them here:

Lesson 1 - say hello and introduce yourself Lesson 2 ~ Traveling and accommodation Lesson 3 ~ Ask questions and for directions

Gero arte!

October 28, 2015



Wow thank you! I can't see myself visiting that area but this is great! I left a lingot!


Thanks! It is a great place. It's different from any other part of Spain. I fell in love with it when I went there.

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