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Ukrainian from English

Is it possible to add the facility of a drop down keyboard, or at least letters just as Duolingo uses for accented letters in Spanish, French or other languages on their site? It would be more helpful than alternating between English and Ukrainian languages in Windows or Mac.

October 28, 2015



Hi there!
If you have problems with the switching between keyboards, you can use this Google Chrome Duolingo Ukranian Keyboard Extension:



I like to have lexilogos Ukrainian keyboard in a separate tab whilst I am on my Ukrainian tree. I find it makes learning the language easier as when I type letters such as D the keyboard immediately prints me out a nice д and it is similar with other sounds. http://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/ukrainian.htm Note - My type is still very much an English style of keyboard, I am sure the letters would probably be another way around on an actual physical Ukrainian keyboard. It works for me anyhow :)!

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