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  5. "Sık sık bahçeye gider."

"Sık sık bahçeye gider."

Translation:He often goes to the yard.

October 28, 2015



are adjectives duplicated instead of the -ça


No. Duplications are used to make support the meaning in many words, to make this given word understood better. There is no English equivalent for that.

"-ça" suffix indicates the way it is done, same as the -ly suffix in English.

Let's try it with another word;

  • Hızlı = fast

  • Hızlıca = fastly

  • Hızlı hızlı = fast (the word "fast" is the focus point in the sentence)


"Sık sık bahçeye gider." Translation: He often goes to the yard.


She often goes to the garden.

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.

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