"Er de frie?"

Translation:Are they free?

October 28, 2015



Can fri/frie/fritt be used to describe something that is free of charge? Or is it limited to that which is or has been liberated? Thanks in advance! ☺


In some cases, yes; if an event or exhibition has a sign that says "fri inngang" it means that it's free of charge.

Having said that, "gratis" is the most common and often the only natural sounding option. I would not take the example sentence, "Er de frie?", to mean "Are they free of charge?".


Could it also relate to being free during thar day to do something? Like having free time?


The word "fritid" is used to denote free time. The website has more info on compound words than the app. There are also more discussions about the differences between free (as a people), free of charge (gratis), and free time (fritid). I keep the app and the web link in a folder on my home page of my phone to make jumping back & forth easier.


Apparently slavery is rampant in Norway.


can this sentence be translated "are those free?" as well?


no, then we would write "er de gratis?"


This sentence doesn't have much context, so it leaves plenty of room for imagination (and questions in my case). Could I use fri(e) in these situations?: -person: not busy -person: not a slave -object: not being used (eg. chair in a restaurant, booth in public toilets)


er denne setningen samme til "Er de gratis?"

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