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  5. "O İngiltereli."

"O İngiltereli."

Translation:He is from England.

October 28, 2015



I... don't understand this at all. Why isn't it just "O Ingiliz"?


That would be "He is English."

Your sentence implies that he is of a specific ethnic group. This one implies that he is from the country but may not identify with that group.


I am a bit confused now. Sure, there has not been a section about it yet, but until now it seemed to me that the -li suffix could be seen as some kind of "adjectifier", used to make adjectives from nouns, etc.

Couldn't you use the ablative to make it clear? "He is from England." = "O İnglitereden."?


When used on countries, -li means "from" or it means that it has something to do with that country.


He is from england and he is english are different. The first one means that you come from england but it does not mean that you are englishman. But the second one means that you are part of them


Why is it is English incorrect?


Does it have anything to do with the li from 'with'? I am 'with' England?



Good morning to you

"O İngiltereli." Translation: He is from England.

The root word is İngiltere - England & the suffix -li

The buffer (l) & the front vowel -i

You are correct - I am 'with' England - (accusative) case for grammar. With all my heart, soul & my very existence - yes.

Kind regards.


If that is the case, then what is the difference is writing 'he is American' and 'he is from America'?


What's the difference?


Well, if 'o ingiliz' means 'he is English' and 'o ingiltereli' is 'he is from England' then my question is how to say this difference for Americans. I've never heard Turks using this formation. I always here 'o ingiliz' and likewise always identify myself as 'amerikaliyim'...it seems to me there is no way to differentiate between being from America and being American in Turkish. Although certainly there are people that have grown up in the US and are not citizens.


İngiliz - İngiltereli

Amerikan - Amerikalı


"O İngiltereli." Translation: He is from England.

"Hilmi İngiltereli." - Hilmi is from England. (Fact) Yes I know: So I was born in Cyprus. I am from England & Turks from main - land Turkey love me very much. They always comment on my fluent spoken English & say that Turkish Cypriots speak beautiful fluent English. I am also very pleased to now say that Turks comment on my spoken Turkish. They think it is good (yeterli) & still improving.

You should see their red faces when I sing them a - "Sezen Aksu" song. I always get a hug.

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