"She eats an apple."

Translation:Elle mange une pomme.

January 7, 2013

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What is the difference between mange and manges?


I believe mange is the 1st and 3rd person singular (je mange, il/elle/on mange), manges is the 2nd person singular (tu manges). In terms of pronunciation, I think they are the same.


Awesome. Very helpful. I am having this issue with bois/boit as well I think it is a similar case.


The difference is different. When you conjugate, a nice idea to remember is S-S-T: Je boiS Tu boiS Il boiT

^This applies to many other verb conjugations as well.


arronhunt- with TU, always S at the end, present tense, indicative


When should un be used instead of une?

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"un" is used before masculine words (ex: "un homme" for "a man")

"une" is used before feminine words (ex: "une pomme" for "an apple")


depending on how the infinitive verb ends (-er,-ir, ect) it will give rise to a certain set of endings per conjugation. So for the one you ask (the infinitive is Manger), the conjugation is as follows

Je (I) - Mange tu (you) - Manges il/elle (he/she) - Mange

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There is conjugation for each verb. When you want to know how to conjugate a verb, hover your mouse over it: click on the "conjugate " option, and you'll get a conjugation table.

Please also have a look at this comment on verb conjugations in French:


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