"Sie verwandelt sich."

Translation:She is transforming herself.

October 29, 2015

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on a similar note, "Die Verwandlung" by Franz Kafka, translated as "the metamorphosis (basically transformation)", a novella about a man who gets transformed into a giant insect, is considered a masterpiece of german literature.

that should help to remember.


I bought a copy of Die Verwandlung in Berlin four years ago, hoping it would give me a goal to reach for in my fluency. I love the English translation but the original German is still a bit advanced for my skill level. At least having it on my shelf helped me get this question right without checking the tooltip suggestion ;)


I was forced to take a Cultural German course in Uni. Bless Cole's Notes in English to get me through Kafka's masterpiece!

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Good point, added to sentences :)


I learn "verwandeln" by watching Miracoulus Ladybug with german dubbing xD Everytime they change in their superhero alter ego they scream "verwandle mich"


Can you tell me when to use Sich?? please


It's like herself/ himself / itself, only neutral. So: She washes herself; she transforms herself.

In German, there are a lot of verbs that require a direct object, where English only has an optional direct object. So in English, you can say "She is showering; he is shaving," but in German you have to say: "Sie duschst sich; er rasiert sich."

And then there are a lot of German verbs which require a direct object, when English doesn't at all, such as "sich finden," or " is found; is to be found." I think of it as "finds itself:" "Ein schöner blumiger Eingangsbereich findet sich in der HütteldorferStraße." "Ⓐ beautiful flowery entryway is to be found in the Hütteldorfer Street."

More here: http://www.nthuleen.com/teach/grammar/reflexexpl.html


Die Hexe verwandelt sich in einen Drachen. (how to memorize this lesson's words)


Apart from frequency of use, what's the difference with transformiert?


I would use "transformiert" only in technical or scientific context.

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    This is going to be really handy in Germany if I can get into the animation industry there... or have bizarre conversations in the Hofbrauhaus'


    Can't i say she turnes


    How about the use of the verb "shapeshifts"? Or would that be too informal?


    'herself' what is the german for 'herself' & is it in this sentence?


    'She is transforming' is correct, not 'she is transforming herself' . . .??


    Earlier in the lessons on Fantasy I noted verwandelt also referred to transformed, changed and turned. Why are none of these applicable here instead of is transforming?

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