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  5. "У мене немає батька."

"У мене немає батька."

Translation:I do not have a father.

October 29, 2015



I feel bad for the person who made the voice recording. How sad to not have a father.


The person might have two mums.


How do you know that the person who made this recording doesn't actually have a dad?


Because she said that she doesn't. :) (in the recording, that is)


Should be pronounced мЕне, not менЕ because it is preceded by a preposition


В мене немає батька


Would it be rather THE father? Father can be only one, not like "a brother" in one of the previous exercises.


Exactly for this reason you wouldn't use "the". It is only used in English to specify a particular thing when there could be many of them. In this case, a person can only have one father so there's no need to specify that it's THE particular father.

You wouldn't even use "the" with brother, sister, etc. because it doesn't make sense in that context. Having fathers, brothers, sisters is a general question, you either have them or you don't. You wouldn't ask someone if they had a specific brother or sister etc.

You can use it if you're talking about specific objects. Like if you asked someone to bring you a specific book, when they arrive you can ask them "Do you have THE book?".

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