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  5. "Тобі шість років?"

"Тобі шість років?"

Translation:Are you six years old?

October 29, 2015



I've having a hard time understanding Gen. Pl. Could someone explain it to me like I'm five?


To understand Genitive case you can look to Possessive case in English.

Nom. Sing. - рік (year), Nom. Pl. - роки (years), Gen. Sing. - року (it is like "year's" in "New Year's Day"), Gen. Pl. - років (it is like "years'" in "years' experience")

But in Ukrainian Gen. case is used not only for possessive phrases (like дім батьків - parents' house), but in some other situations (http://www.ukrainianlanguage.org.uk/read/unit07/page7-3.htm) including phrases with numbers that ending with 5,6,7,8,9,0.


I'm none the wiser. Why is Ukrainian so complicated?!


To give you more pleasure when you complete the course


A good question to an ignorant person.


Is it okay if I use "вам" instead of just "тобі"?


"вам" in Ukrainian can be used as "you" for plural form or a singular polite form (should be capitalized, like "Sie" in German). Technically it fits, but in our case both options are doubtful as plural means you ask a group of people about their age and singular means you talk to supposedly 6-years old as if it's elderly or privileged person.


There's no rule that requires to capitalize formal "ви" in Ukrainian

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