"Danke, tschüss!"

Translation:Thanks, bye!

January 7, 2013



Why my dictionary shows for "bye" "tschüs" - only with one "S"? So what is correct?

July 8, 2013


Both spellings are correct.

Use tschüs if you pronounce the word with a long vowel; use tschüss if you pronounce the word with a short vowel.

February 7, 2018


Google uses tschüs also. dict.cc gives only 46 votes to the single s but gives 19479 votes to the double s. I think I trust that version. I'll correct the google one to use s twice.

November 17, 2013


does anyone have a idea of the derivation of the word tschuss ??

December 25, 2013


Well it is a friendly way to say goodbye that in past was used only between young people but today is very common in people of all ages. I found this answer on youtube: the channel is "tedescopertutti" see lection "come salutare" (2 or 3 I don't remember); unluckily for you this is a course in Italian but you may have a look. For all I found interesting this: almanii.blogspot.com there you can find a lot of free resources to learn German or to improve it. Sorry for my not perfect English (I'm Italian and I study myself). :-)

May 25, 2014


It's from a Romance language - related to Spanish adiós.

An earlier form was atschüs.

February 7, 2018


How to pronounce, this word "Tschuss"?

March 10, 2014


"chewss". Notice the common German combo sch (pronounced sh).

May 16, 2014


It's a [y] sound (IPA),. It's not a "oo" or a "ew". If you can pronounce the French "u", it's the same.

IPA: /tʃyːs/.

There's also a soft "t" sound at the beginning. "T'sheuss". The "eu" is not the ü, but it's closer.

January 27, 2018


Good bye is a naff old fashioned phrase for parting company. "Cheers" is the present day way of saying goodbye - rather dismissive perhaps but at least as popular as "bye"

April 19, 2019


It said im not correct just because i forgot the "!" >:(

May 16, 2019


I would normally say bye take care

May 16, 2019
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