"Les parents aiment leurs enfants."

Translation:Parents love their children.

January 7, 2013

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i heard it as leur enfant


As northernguy says below.. you need to listen to both slow and fast.. the slow say each word individually therefor - singular and plural sound the same.. when you listen to it fast you here it said as a sentence which clearly gives you the S sound at the end of "Leurs" I will say though sometimes the audio on this thing can be pretty bad, but this one is ok.


Sorry for repetition but the slow speed does not reveal the liaison which can be CLEARLY heard on the normal speed. If you rely on the slow speed audio, you will end up missing many plurals.


il n'y a pas de liaison à : "les parents aiment" a moins de mettre un z entre parents et aiment.

cordialement, un français.

traduction: There is no connection to: "parents aiment" has less to put a z between parents and love.

Cordially, a French guy


Not on the male audio (added a little more than one year ago), but the female audio does use the liaison.


me too, but yes, we can hear the connection with the 's'


Couldn't make out leur at high speed so played at slow speed which made it quite clear. Got it wrong because it's leurs enfants not leur enfant. On being corrected I listened to it again and clearly heard the s sound at the end of leurs sliding into enfant on the high speed track which was definitely not there on the slow speed track.

Must remember to go back to the high speed track after sorting out any confusion at slow speed because the information on the high speed is what Duo marks on.


I wish it was made more obvious that slow playback works that way. It's not just the speed that's different, each word is pronounced independently of the the words next to it.


Is there any difference between the sounds of "aime" and "aiment" ? or the only thing we have to figure this out is the context?


The verbs sound exactly alike, but you know it is plural because of the use of "les" instead of "le", and they do sound different.


I'm also confused why "Parents love their girls" is considered a correct response to this statenent. Any help on this one?


Les parents being plural does not really influence whether they love one child or multiple children. leur enfant is still their child singular. I could not hear any difference.


When you replay the faster audio it is quite clear in "leursenfants"


No. Way. I wrote, "les parents aiment les enfants" & got it wrong. les v. leurs est tres tres impossible!


les = [le] leurs = [l oe r] It's subtle but noticeable.


using the word kid in place of child is completely acceptable in English now Duo must keep up with contemporary spoken English, to be relevant

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