"Je suis de bonne humeur."

Translation:I am in a good mood.

January 7, 2013

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In America we say "I am in good humor." or "I am in a good mood."


Maybe it's just a matter of the part of the U.S. I'm in, but I've rarely heard anyone say, "I am in good humor."


I have often heard people say "I'm in a good humor" which is weird because nobody says "I am in a good humor" but would say "I am in a good mood."


That's interesting. I have heard, "I am in good spirits." I guess that would be an appropriate translation.


Likewise. "I am in good humour" sounds weird to me. I guess the translation varies depending on region


That was my suggested translation. Unfortunately, it was rejected.


You guys are right and why is Duo giving me: I am of a good mood !!!!!


Better than what it gave me "I am of fine mood." I realize that duolingo tries to come as close to a direct translation as possible, but seriously, most people would simply say "I am feeling good" to convey that sentiment.


You can say "I'm in good humour" in the UK too.


That's what we say in Australia too.


I am Canadian and "I (or someone) is in good humour" is an expression I have often used.


Where in the US?

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    It's not uncommon in British English either. English literature is littered with characters remarking upon the good humour of themselves or others.

    "Elizabeth took an opportunity of thanking her. “It keeps him in good humour,” said she, “and I am more obliged to you than I can express.”
    ~ Chapter 22, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen.

    "Bessie sometimes narrated on winter evenings, when she chanced to be in good humour...."
    ~ Chapter 1, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë



    "I'm in good spirits"....same thing, right?


    I put this too but wasn't accepted, i think it should be, this great english phrase is dying out!


    I think that is a good translation, and is commonly used where I live too.


    "I am in good form" also marked wrong !


    yeah it's not just an american thing, they say it in the UK, NZ and Australia too...


    The universe beyond us is rather bleak and uncivilized.


    In my dialect, "I am of good humor" is wrong; it should definitely be "I am in good humor" (or good spirits). It's certainly less common than "I am in a good mood", though. Duolingo's translation is nonsense to me — it would mean that the speaker was composed of good humor, rather than saying something about his mood.


    I am confused. Why is it BONNE? and not bon? Is humeur fem?


    Yes, humeur is fem and humour is masc, but they mean different things.


    Bonne humeur is good spirits/good mood whereas bon humour refers more to your sense of humor. I think :)


    Can I say 'je suis de mal humeur'?


    No, but you could say « Je suis de mauvaise humeur ». Take a look at this page: http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/mauvais-mal.htm


    good humor should be accepted - it is a proper use of the word and has been around since the middle ages when the "humors" supposedly determined one's mood.


    Can you say "I am good natured?"


    I don't think that would work. You humor or mood can change from moment to moment and being good natured seems to be more of a personality trait - more long term.


    Why can't I say "Je suis de la bonne humeur"?


    Take it literally: "I am of good mood".

    Now use that structure properly in English, with other examples: "to be of XXX descent / origin", "to be made of something" :

    • I am of Indian descent

    • It is made of silk

    You wouldn't say "I am of the Indian descent" or "It is made of the silk". In French, it's the same : "Je suis de descendance indienne", "c'est fait de/en soie". We don't use the article, as we're not talking about a specific thing (humor, descent or silk) but it's an expression, all the words of that expression sort of form an adjective - and actually you could replace all those expressions by an adjective :

    • Je suis indien (d'origine) / C'est soyeux / Je suis jovial (I am Indian / It's silky / I am jolly)

    And adjectives (after "to be" or that type of verb) do not take articles. It's like you said "I am made of good mood", "Je suis fait de bonne humeur".

    The same principles apply with other types of verbs, and when you can also replace the expression by an adverb:

    • Il s'est réveillé de bonne heure (= He woke up bright and early) = Il s'est réveillé [très] tôt


    Can someone explain why 'bonne humeur' sometimes means a good sense of humour, and sometimes a good mood? It seems to be pretty arbitrarily distinguished across a lot of questions here and I keep getting them wrong by picking the wrong meaning in the wrong place - e.g. here I put 'I have a good sense of humour' and got it wrong


    Do not mix "humeur" and "humour": the former is "humor" as in "mood", "spirit", while the latter means "humor" as in "ability to laugh, make jokes, etc."

    • être de bonne/mauvaise humeur = to be in a good/bad mood

    • avoir le sens de l'humour / un bon sens de l'humour = to have the sense of humor / a good sense of humor


    I've just had "I'm in good form" declined! Any suggestions as to why? (apart from it's not what the DL computer has been programmed to accept!).


    Je suis de bonne humeur, je me sens calme en ce moment.


    What? Not humour?


    "Humour" is "humour", as in having a good sense of humour, and "humeur" is "mood", as in being in a good mood.


    I tried "I'm in good cheer" as a translation, is that an Australian thing or perhaps a little archaic? Either way, Duo was having none of it.


    Why should we care what you say in the US. It is a big world you know.


    Hi. I translate exactly " I am in a good mood" and Duolingo finds that it's false.Why?


    How would you say ,I am good humoured to indicate that you are in good humour all the time?I wish.


    According to Wordreference, that would be "affable".



    Is this way of saying it referring to a general mood I might have, or does it refer to a particular moment in time when I might feel in a good mood? I'm confused about the verbs/prepositions used. To be precise, can I say J'ai une bonne humeur, or Je suis en bonne humeur?


    I don't feel confident enough to answer your second question, but to answer the first, this refers to a temporary state of mind, not your overall personality.


    is «I am of good mood» correct? if it were, would it mean the same as «I am in a good humor»?

    Thanks in advance, I am not a native english speaker

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