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"I am not buying a ticket because I am riding a bike."

Translation:Bilet almıyorum çünkü bisiklet kullanıyorum.

October 29, 2015



In another discussion someone said that binimek is far more common with bisiklet. However there are many sentences here using kullanmak. Is binimek really the first choice, and if so, why are we taught to use kullanmak instead?

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What is wrong with using 'bisiklet biniyorum' in this sentence?


You would have to use the dative case on "bisiklet" in that case. Yani "Bilet almıyorum çünkü bisiklete biniyorum."


Please, why we have using dative with "binmek" and not with kullanmak" ?


I've been meaning to ask a question about "çünkü". Why doesn't Duolingo ever use "zira"? I've heard it used a lot in Turkish soaps even more than "çünkü".


I am getting really confused how in the world am i going to learn if Duo keeps tricking the words, this is a begginer app it should be easy to learn, riding is biniyorum, and kullanıyorum is translate as i use, riding and use are not the same


I agree, I am having trouble understanding it too.


I agree, accuracy is important

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