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"Your father wants you to make tea."

Translation:Baban çay yapmanı istiyor.

October 29, 2015



In the preceding lesson you or someone else said that istemek is almost the only verb that don't take the accusative case. Like for instance :" o kitabı okumak istiyorsun."


I'm not sure who posted the comment you saw, but that's not really true. "istemek" doesn't need the accusative case if the 'wanted' word is an infinitive verb, or a general/unspecific noun. Here are some Duo examples:

  • Öğretmen olmak istiyorum. = I want to become a teacher. (link)
  • Bu ülkede barış istiyorum. = I want peace in this country. (link)

However, if we use "istemek" with a specific noun, including verbal nouns/gerunds, it will need accusative case:

  • Bana bakmanı istiyorum. = I want you to look at me. (link)
  • Özellikle kırmızı eteği istiyorum. = I especially want the red skirt. (link)


Is it possible to use 'yapmak' in its infinitive form in this sentence?


Nope, you can only do that when the person doing the making and doing the wanting are the same :)


İ still dont know why yapmani not yapman


The verb "istemek" takes the accusative case.


Where is it "you" in this sentence?


just curious - if i want to stress YOU in this sentence, your dad wants YOU and nobody else to make tea, would is still translate the same?


Why isn't "Baban senin çay yapmanını istiyor" accepted?


Is it same to say Baban çay yapdığını istiyor.?


Could anyone please tell me what's wrong with "Baban sana çay yapmanı istiyor." ? Or I should use "seni" or "senden" ?

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