Do you wear the green star insignia regularly?

Is it safe to wear it after completing the Duolingo tree? I assume it doesn't require certification or fluency, as official pins are easily purchased online. Is it up to the conversational comfort level of the individual? Dankon!

P.S. Here's a cute link that newbies may not know about:

October 29, 2015


Please do. It would love to find someone in the subway who is interested by Esperanto, even if he does not speak the language.

I do not wear an Esperanto insignia, but I should. I would be very happy to have the Esperanto scarf Duo has when we conquer the tree.

I don't like the idea of insignias at all. My personal opinion is to wear clothes with Esperanto graphics on them if you want to find other Esperanto speakers in the public.

My problem with insignias (in general, be it the Esperanto star or any other badge) is that they somehow serve to differentiate between people, and I don't like that.

PS. I love your Idea of a real-life Duolingo Esperanto scarf :-)

You make it seem like we'd all sow green stars on our clothing and live in Esperanto ghettos :). I think most people think the same as you, that is, wear a T-shirt with a green start, or something in Esperanto on it. If finally ordered some tshirts myself. They have to be at least somewhat funny or with for me to wear them. I think there was an idea a while back to build an app where you could register that you're looking for meeting other esperantists. And if others are nearby (like if you're at an airport) the app would tell you. Then you wouldn't need to wear something at all, and you could easily turn off when you don't want to talk to anyone. The gay community has something like this, though I fear there is a lot more gay people than esperantists, so it probably works a lot better on that community.

You make it seem like we'd all sow green stars on our clothing and live in Esperanto ghettos :)


Well, not really. I just don't like the idea of categorizing and labeling people in general. However, I'm not very strongly opposed to that. I just don't like it.

I know where you're coming from. I think there's definitely a line between making yourself identifiable as a member of a group, in this case esperantists, and separating yourself from others. You already sort of wear your personality on your clothes. So you can't get away from it completely anyway. But I also don't want to make it seem to others that they somehow don't belong to my exclusive club.

So I keep thinking how to add a green star to what i wear in a very subtle way, but haven't succeeded yet.

So you can't get away from it completely anyway.

Unless you go to a nudist camp or something.

Oh no, wait. There's still hairstyles and grooming. You are right, it's impossible.

Doesn't Amumiku do that?

>Is it safe to wear it after completing the Duolingo tree?

If you are practicing daily (gotta keep that Duolingo streak alive, no?) and can say "Please speak slowly because I am a beginner" in Esperanto on a moment's notice, you should be good to go.

I very much doubt anyone would be offended or angry if you were wearing something promoting Esperanto regardless of your fluency level. So I would say it is "safe" to wear now even before you finish. I want to get a tshirt to wear, but my problems have been I am 1) cheap 2) lazy 3) picky when buying clothes (I'm not picky once I own them), so I haven't got one yet.

I'ts been a decade since I saw a tripod website, lol.

I think the most interesting experience I had like that was when I was in Rio in 2002 and I was traveling with a bunch of European Esperanto speakers (from France, Italy, Germany and Spain). A random guy walks up to us and just says, "Esperantistoj?" He had seen an Esperanto t-shirt on one of us.

"Nu jes, ni estas." and then he started to speak in fluent Esperanto. He lives in Rio and was free for the afternoon, so he said he could show us the city and took us to a bunch of sites. So random and awesome! :)

No. I occasionally wear Esperanto T-shirts, but apart from that there's no way for anyone to tell I speak Esperanto.

I wear a green star pin that I made on my book bag, which I have with me pretty often.

I'm not fluent or anything, but I'd like to meet people involved with the language, even if they're other komencantoj.

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