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Learning German, can exchange for English and Russian (fluent).

I was mostly hoping someone would recommend sites where people go with the specific goal of finding a language exchange partner, student exchange, whatever. That thing where you (German person from 16 to 18 y.o.) come to study Russian and live in my family, then I go to study German and live in your family. Can teach English, can teach Russian.

Say, for two weeks. I looked at official programs, but they are mostly for 3-6 months, which is too much - I have to study for my exams. And a tet-a-tet organization of this seems a lot more likely to work out great.

So Sites? Social networks? Anyone in Germany?

October 29, 2015



There's very few in Germany here, it seems.


Italki.com is a site to find teachers or exchange partners, but it is online. I do not know specific sites for what you are looking for. I sure have heard of them but I do not remember the names.

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