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"Vennskap ender ofte i kjærlighet, men kjærlighet ender aldri i vennskap."

Translation:Friendship often ends in love, but love never ends in friendship.

October 29, 2015



“No“, he said quickly. ”Never. Stay friends? Try to grow a small rose garden on the ashes of broken feelings? No, this will never work for you and me. It happens only after small affairs and it looks fake. Love should not be spoiled by friendship. The end is the end.“ - Erich Maria Remarque


Um, not true whatsoever - for me at least. I find that love always ends in friendship. Maybe because I'm respectful of all people, regardless of their relationship to me, i'm friends with all my exes? Never had a dramatic breakup. Also, I learn to love people at work because of their work ethic and personality, and have become friends with some colleagues...


Det er dyp og sant.


Why not finishes instead of ends?


While without context the words could be interchangeable, in this case it sounds a bit awkward to say finishes. :)


I might disagree, in the sense that such a conceptually driven sentence is inherently somewhat awkward. Finishes doesn't really strike me as much less expected.


Why can't "i" be translated with "with." "With love" or "with friendship" should be acceptable

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