"We are looking at the food."

Translation:Nous regardons la nourriture.

January 7, 2013

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Isn't the verb "chercher" - "to look for" not "to look at" . Wouldn't "nous regardons" be correct in this case.


I translated it to "regardons" and it was correct. I think Duolingo has corrected it


It is, perhaps Duolingo has corrected the translation.


Yes, this one is incorrect.

"We are looking at the food" means "Nous regardons la nourriture."

"We are looking for food" would be "Nous cherchons de la nourriture".


'Chercher' doesn't take 'de' by the way - it means 'to look for' so you only need to say 'nous cherchons la nourriture.'


I'd like to clarify that. "de" is indeed not linked to the verb "chercher" but it has to be used if we don't specify which kind of food we're looking for.

"We are looking for food" = "Nous cherchons de la nourriture"

If you want to take off the "de" it would change the sentence :

"Nous cherchons la nourriture" = "We are looking for the food"

Which are not used in the same context.

My point is that it's not about NOT USING or USING "de" when using "chercher". Both are acceptable, it just depends of the context (and of the object we're looking for).

  • "Je cherche du pain." = "I'm looking for bread"
  • "Nous cherchons des insectes" = "We're looking for insects"
  • "Vous cherchez les animaux ?" = "Are you looking for the animals ?"



Yes I didn't think of that! Thanks


why not: we are looking at the food – à la nourriture

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"Regarder" means "to look at", the "à" would be redundant.


same question as originell - what's wrong with a la nourritue


"regarder à quelque chose" is not correct French, We can use "regarder à travers quelque chose", but the meaning is not the same, it means "to look through something".

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