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edits do not save

I have having trouble getting my translation edits to save. Sometimes editing works, while other times nothing I do makes it save. Is there a reason or a fix for this?

January 7, 2013



Same for me here. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But when it doesn't, I just have to do it one more time, then it works. It's still annoying though.

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Why do you think that your edits aren't being saved?


Say I am translating something and type "The catefate the dog's food." if I try to correct it and edit it to "The cat ate the dog's food." and hit save, it will look like it's saved.

But when I either refresh or return to the page later, it'll still be what I'd originally typed: "The catefate the dog's food." It doesn't always do this, though. Sometimes (rarely) if I add or remove words, it saves. Or I'll be fiddling with it and trying to get it to accept the change, after the 5th or 6th try, it suddenly decides that it will accept it. (This is even more rarely) For the most part, though, editing doesn't work for me.

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Thanks for this info. I'll look into what's going on.


Same thing has happened to me for months.


Same for me (like in http://duolingo.com/#/translation/c13b5fd105813e77a5915c0f2823deed - I try to remove "II", then save the changes, then refresh the page and I still see "Beta II".


Yeah , edits are not saving for me,


Was searching to see if someone else has this problem - the last two times I went to comment on a translation I couldn't save, and therefore could not comment.

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