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Administrators like Duolingo!

I invited my principal to come into my classroom for an informal observation on Friday, October 23. Although there were some tech issues with laptops, he was still able to see the value of utilizing a program like Duolingo for student motivation, immediate assessment and feedback, and student engagement. As the teacher, I circulated the room and made sure students were on task. Students were fully engaged. My goal with this particular class is to use Duolingo on Fridays and assign goals (the completion of levels) for homework.

If you haven't already asked your administrator to come and see students use Duolingo, I recommend that you do. Language learning is one of those areas of question especially when it comes to public schools. Math and English Language Arts have taken priority because of the impact they have on school funding and overall school progress reports; student achievement and school recognition are attached to the standardized scores on state and city exams. World Languages are not a priority, but we as teachers must continue to advocate for our students and our content.

October 30, 2015



Hopefully there will be less of teaching to the tests coming soon as the current US administration recently struck down the No Child Left Behind policy News, and more time for art, music, language, and innovation. :)


You better look at more than just levels, as there are many different ways to earn XP (some are decisively unethical, which makes them even more attractive to the mischievous type of kid). See my post:


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