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  5. "Datoen er i august."

"Datoen er i august."

Translation:The date is in August.

October 30, 2015



Does "dato" only mean the date as in the day of the month or can it also be date as in rendezvous?


Only 'date' as year-month-day. The other kind would be 'stevnemøte' or often just called 'date/deit'.


Do we refer here to a date/appointment that will take place in August or is this a way to say the month we are now? As it happens with time where we say "klokka er 9".


So, it is "i" with months and "om" with seasons, right? thanks!


Why not "om august"? Is it because we speak about a single date here and not about many dates? "Er datoene om somrene" but "Er datoen i august"? This is highly confusing. :)

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