"Pourquoi autant de mots ?"

Translation:Why so many words?

January 7, 2013



"Autant" and "tant" are a bit similar, they are both used for quantity. But :

"Autant" means "As much/many". It's more used for comparisons. Ex : "J'ai autant de pommes que toi." / "I have as many apples as you."

"Tant" means "So much/many". It's more used to show how big the amount is. Ex : "Pourquoi tant de haine ?" / "Why so much hate ?".

January 7, 2013


so in this case, what is "mots" being compared to?

January 7, 2013


It's a misuse in French language, people tend to use "autant" instead of "tant". It's common to hear it, but it's still not proper French. I myself often say "autant" even though I shoud use "tant".

It's because "tant" is seen as more formal than "autant".

I've just made a search in a French ebook I was reading, and I've seen twice "autant" used instead of "tant", on more or less 10 iterations. So I guess even professional writers don't mind about it much either ^^.

You know, it's the same as other languages. The difference between the academic version of the language, and what is used by people is huge.

Anyway, the French you'll speak and write if you immerge yourself in France and what you learn in Duolingo are really not the same.

Doesn't mean it's not helpful. It's just different.

January 7, 2013


So if the French what to emphasize a comparison, what do they say?

March 9, 2013


What is wrong with "Why so many words?"

March 24, 2013


That is an accepted answer now.

October 18, 2013


It's accepted ....I just used that phrase and it worked!

July 1, 2015


Examples "tant" vs "autant" can be found here:


March 27, 2013

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Excellent information here. Thanks, Dan. As Arjofocolovi has said, "tant" and "autant" are often misused. Everyone should take a look at this link.

July 29, 2015


Why, de mots, instead of, des mots? I just looked it up in the Duo vocab and it example is, des mots? Is there some conditional usage?

July 17, 2013


When using adverbs of quantity, most of the time the indefinite article becomes "de"/"d' "

"Beaucoup de temps."

"Autant d'argent."

"Peu de stylos."

July 20, 2013


Thank you for your very clear response! It is very helpful to see examples.

March 6, 2016


I hope someone answers you, I got the same thing marked wrong. My guess is it has to do with the fact that it's preceded by "autant", so "autant de" together form an expression that means "so much" or "so many". Just a guess though.

July 20, 2013


Could it also be "Why this many words?"?

July 29, 2013


we do not say this in english "Why are there as many words?" if we did it would be "Why are there as many words as..."

October 30, 2013
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