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Can't finish any lesson!

Hey there, I've been using this great tool for about 2 weeks and I love it! However, since the last couple of days I am not able to finish any lessons any more. Whenever I finish the last question/task and I want to proceed to my rewards, the site just doesn't show up. Instead it shows the loading sign on the top left corner next to the "duolingo"-sign. After two minutes I get thrown back to the main page without any points. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help :)

November 18, 2013



I have the same problem i am using it on my android device.in these days i cant progress i cant skip the next lesson what the problem? Is it needed updating please soon solve this problem???


I think I found the solution: I had the program "HotSpotShield" activated. When it is deactivated, it works!

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