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  5. "The child is reading a book."

"The child is reading a book."

Translation:Barnet leser en bok.

October 30, 2015



Okay now I have an article question as well. So "en" is either female or male , "ei" is just female and "et" is neutral? Am I right?


I am just beginning to learn, but yes. I do believe that is correct. As you are now more experienced, correct me if I am wrong!


EI bok and EN bok are both correct forms. EVERY feminine form has masculine form. For example En and Ei bok, En and Ei dame, En and Ei bok. Please change that.


I wrote 'et' instead of 'en' and I was wrong. I thought, 'et' is for neuter gender, isn't it?


'et' is for grammatically neuter nouns. Grammatical genders are not related to the actual gender of a noun.


Then how should I know that a noun is grammatically neuter, masculine or feminine? Maybe there's a list or something?


This is (unfortunately) a feature of most of the European languages. The nouns are grouped into grammatical genders which have to be memorized when you first learn a word. Try to learn the gender of a word as you learn a word.

There are some guidelines, but it would be better to just memorize the words.


oh crap.. Thanks for the info, though!


isn't "boken" the same as "en bok"?


"boken" means "the book", while "en bok" means "a book"


Why is "Barnet er leser en bok" wrong?


"Er" is redundant. The word "leser" translates to "is reading" or "reads".


From what little I've read of Norwegian grammar, "er" is for saying something "is" something else - "Han er en gutt, ikke en mann".

If English has "am, is, are" before the verb (I am reading, he is speaking, we are eating, etc.), then "er" is dropped - "Jenta leser en bok".


Ungen? for boy?????? Never heard in years! Gutten, Barn eller Jente for kids, but Ungen????? Correct it or explain it in grammar rules!


how do i know, if the book is female, male r neutral in nrwegian? is it like in english?


You can't really tell the gender, you'll have to learn the genders for words separately.


wait so book is "bok" but when it turns plural it's spelled "boeken?"

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