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  5. "Inniu, anocht agus amárach."

"Inniu, anocht agus amárach."

Translation:Today, tonight and tomorrow.

October 30, 2015



Does this sound like 'inniubh' to anyone? I'm just checking it's not my listening.


That's how it's pronounced in several dialects. So maybe the speaker actually got something right for a change.


Listen to the Munster pronunciations here and here


I'm assuming the similarities between anocht and e.g. English night, German Nacht etc. are coincidental?


The -nocht part of anocht, “night”, and Nacht likely go back to a common Proto-Indo-European source, as do Dutch and Frisian nacht, Swedish and Norwegian natt, Danish nat, French nuit, Portuguese noite, Spanish noche, Italian notte, Latin nox, Russian ночь, Polish noc, Lithuanian naktis, Greek νύχτα, Ancient Greek νύξ, Sanskrit नक्ति, etc.


That went way longer back than I'd expected - I knew there were common roots for the Germanic languages, but not about the PIE source. Thanks!


I thought one spelling error is allowable, so disappointing when a question away from the end of lesson, it is taking my motivation away a bit.


It depends a bit on what you get wrong as well. Generally speaking, you're allowed one typo per word as long as that doesn't result in a different word. However, the system isn't really great at displaying what you got wrong. Do you remember what you put?

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