Suggested Dictionary Features and 'hover' features

Not sure if this applies to all the languages here, only tried the German dictionary. I would find it very helpful if the dictionary showed the gender of the learned words. This is very important for language, and would help me study. If you could also add this on, mobile, I would appreciate it :)

Also, regarding the hover feature, I would also like if it displayed a words gender when you hover your mouse over it in a lesson. That helps for memorization.

Keep up the great work Duolingo team! I really enjoy the app already, and if these apps are added I would be overjoyed. Thanks!

4 years ago

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Basically, having the gender more often where the word is put as a definition would be helpful. The gender is very important in most (or all? I haven't use other languages...) of the languages here, obviously besides English.

4 years ago
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