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  5. "Herkesi çok seviyorum!"

"Herkesi çok seviyorum!"

Translation:I love everyone very much!

October 30, 2015



Why is it herkesi and not herkes?


It is a specific direct object and therefore needs the accusative case. Also the verb sevmek in general takes many objects in the accusative case.


Seni seviyorum, beni seviyorsun, bizi seviyorsun, sizi seviyorum, onları seviyorum, onu seviyorum

So as you can see above, 1. (-i) is always there as accusative suffix, 2. each one of us loves the other. :D


In Hindi 'harkisi' (herkesi) हर किसी = everyone.

  • dost is friend in hindi and turkish.. and there is more out there :D


How do you say "I hate everyone"? Google Translate just gave me "Herkesi nefret ediyorum," but I feel like it needs to somehow be with -dAn, no?


Yeah, Google Translate doesn't speak Turkish very well. You're right about needing the ablative case, and I think it would be "herkesten nefret ediyorum," but I'm hoping a better Turkish speaker than I am can confirm. (I'm only a little better than Google Translate. =) )


Can it be "I like everyone a lot" ?


No, "sevmek" when used with people, unambiguously means "love"


"I love everyone" is wrong?? like=sevmek love=çok sevmek the "right" answer doesn't make any sense


"Sevmek" by itself can be either "love" or "like" (and it seems to me that it's usually more like "love"). "Çok" is an added intensifier, and that needs to be translated into English, too. So you end up with something like "I love everyone very much" or "I love everyone a lot."


Why it has been translated to" I really love everyone"? Where is "really" in Turkish sentence?


As far as I know "really" is gerçekten.


Why not "everybody"? I love everybody so much


In the previous sentence I put I love for seviyorum, and was considered wrong because it was supposed to be like. So, in this I put like, and it was wrong had to be love. Make up your mind, Duo. :)


Why is "I like everyone very much" marked wrong here, whereas in another exercise "Herkes onu çok seviyor" was translated as " Everyone likes him a lot?" In a response from a moderator below it says, '"sevmek" when used with people, unambiguously means "love"', in which case Duo's translation "Everyone likes him a lot?" must be wrong. Help!


I keep getting my herkesi and herkese wrong (suffered two wrong answers one after the other (: )

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