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  5. "Without lemon!"

"Without lemon!"

Translation:Без лимона!

October 30, 2015



Duolingo says both Без лимону!, Без лимона! are correct. Is that right? Why?


It's a very hard topic called "Declination of masculine nouns in Genitive case with endings -а and -у" :D

I hate it, it's sometimes not intuitive.

I'd say "без лимона" when you think of it as an object with specific "borders" (like countable) and "без лимону" if I think of it as a material without a fixed shape (like uncountable)

But it might be that only one is correct. In that case I'd vote for "а" because it's a clearly outlined object...


http://sum.in.ua/s/lymon - dictionary shows "а" :/ I also have thought about it, looked up some articles about lemons online and it seems to me that no-one knows for sure :D


Yep, I think it's the confusion between is it a "чітко окреслений предмет" or "речовини, маси, матеріали" (these terrible memories from high school...)

At the end of the day nobody cares that much in everyday conversation :)


Maybe we'd better just rely on dictionary for words we are unsure in and don't think much about it :)


another consideration is whether a lemon is considered animate or inanimate. If animate, then лимона, if inanimate, then лимону. Beyond this consideration, I like the comments by sagitta145 and Vinnfred.

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