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Question about lingot begging . . .

I get that there are people doing this (it really doesn't bother me--I just skip ahead when I see it happen), but, for crying out loud, why? There's nothing in the Duo store that costs more than a few lingots, and nothing all that glamorous there to begin with. Your best guesses: What motivates people to beg for lingots?

(And, yes, I hope >50% of responses to this post are something along the lines of "can you give me lingots?")

October 31, 2015



Ah, but isn't this the age-old question!

Some posts lead me to believe there is some school instructors who perhaps do not fully understand the ins and outs of Duolingo measure students' progress by number of lingots gained. That is the only explanation I can think of.


Good points. My only guess as to the general "why" for the chronic begging is that "trolls will be trolls". They ask for them simply because they can and it gets a negative reaction. I've found that what generally motivates a troll is boredom and a desire for amusement via disruption, which is why I never entertain them by engaging whatsoever. I down-vote, move on, and hope others do the same!


I don't understand the begging for lingots thing either. If you're here to learn the language(s) you're working on, it takes almost no time - just a couple weeks, really - to earn enough lingots to buy everything in the store several times over.


What makes some wealthy people shop lift when they could easily afford to buy something? Why do some characters (Dickens' Ebenezer Scrooge or Fagin for example) hoard treasure but do not out it to use?

The brain is a wonderful organ but occasionally it misfires like my old car and produces some weird actions.


Can you give me lingots? No not really lol. I say it's because when you start out it's hard to get lingots until you really get going. Then you see things that cost 25-30 lingots, and they just go for the free stuff. Just don't give them lingots if you want it to stop.


Seriously, this whole lingot thing is ridiculous. If you do any serious work/study on Duolingo, you end up with way more lingots than you'll ever want or need, because there's basically nothing to spend them on. I've got 3,933 at the moment...


Exactly. I never understood the thing about lingots. I subscribed to Duolingo less than two months ago and I have 453 of those almost useless things…


I always just figured it was the school children doing most of the begging. You know how kids are.


Yeah, I agree, but not all kids though. I don't beg for Lingots.




From what I've seen it's probably faster to do the lessons and earn the Lingots than it is to wait for someone to reward your comment. Especially if it's not a really helpful comment.


^ this. Truth.

I know I found it kind of annoying when I got to the bonus skills in my first tree, because they didn't appear at first, and when they did, I'd just spent 30 lingots on an outfit for Duo (because I had no idea there was anything else to spend 'em on), so I personally think it would be handy if they appeared from the start (and those of us not keen on begging would know there was something relative useful to save up for!), but besides that momentary "oh rats" when they appear, the only logical response I can see to a lingot shortage is to do more lessons.

This especially goes when you get I think 2/skill - even the least able, if they're really stuck, can do the first lesson or so in a few different trees, no? I've even done that in trees from my non-native or not even including my native language. So I think most people should be able to manage a few easy skills in Esperanto and a couple of others. Especially now you don't have to get through in less than 3 hearts - and therefore you can get through on sheer persistence, even if very little is sticking - it seems like it shouldn't be that hard? Am I just being too logical here??!


I think that human beings always need a reward for their work and lingots are a way to satisfy that need, especially if they come in the form of red shiny diamonds! For example, why would you want to keep your streak? It's just a meaningless number that doesn't show how proficient you are in a language.


A streak does show devotion, tho.


if I answer will you give me 5 lingots? That's not begging that's bargaining.

Why do they beg? they think it is cute. They are children. because they can.


I made a post on why we need to beg for lingots. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11404058 I hope this answers your question.


That is about the most hilarious post I have ever read on duolingo. Congratulations.


Today is Hallowe'en so people should give lingots to children on Duolingo just for today.


May I PLEASE have some linguist? I said please and I mean it.


Some linguist? What do you plan to do with your portion of linguist? I'm pretty sure they usually come and whole people and don't want to be chopped up. You might want to reconsider your request 8-o


Maybe giving a lingot is like an upvote but better to some? I think it is funny when people give the mods lingots. If anyone doesn't care it is them, but I guess it is still nice to know someone cares enough to give you one.

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