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I Think I am Being Watched...

...but I'm not sure.

In an earlier incarnation of the site, we could see who was following us (or at least how many people were following us). Why did that go away? Will it ever come back?

January 7, 2013


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There are two versions of the home page. One of them currently doesn't have your followers, but I'm trying to convince our designers to bring it back. :)


??? Bring it back ? What was the point of removing it ? Anyway, yeah, it has to come back, it doesn't take any place on the page and is obviously useful...


I support that!


I sure hope you're successful. I miss that feature.


thats kinda creepy


It's still there.

On the right side of your home page you have the number of followings (people that you follow) and the number of followers (people who are following you). You click on either of those and you get the list.

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