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  5. "Não, obrigada!"

"Não, obrigada!"

Translation:No, thank you!

October 31, 2015



Doing this as an audio exercise is slightly confusing when it's the man saying "obrigada"! I thought I heard "obrigada" but then typed "obrigado" anyway because it was the guy saying it rather than the lady! It just threw me. Would help a little if the right voices said the correct words.


That's the same thing that tripped me up -- the male voice saying "obrigada".


I am hearing a womans voice to the audio exercise and she is pronouncing the a.


difference between obrigado and obrigada


Obrigado if said by a man, obrigada if said by woman

P.S. Even though this space should always be used by you to get answers to pressing language questions related to the sentence, I urge not to think of us as automatons: we're students just like you, all part of a community of equals trying to help each other out in their respective learning journeys; as such, words like "Please", "Thank you" (and even a question mark from time to time) are always welcome to foster a good learning environment in the forums.

Thank you for understanding, and good luck with your studies :)


Oh so that's the difference! Duolingo always makes it seem like obrigada is just the long tgank you and obrigado the short thanks. Especially since sometimes the voices are mixed up. Thank you for clarifying :)


I agree! That's what I thought too!


thank you luis :)


You're welcome :) Good luck with your studies!


You mean obrigado/a? :D

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