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"Fetteren hennes jobber døgnet rundt."

Translation:Her cousin works around the clock.

October 31, 2015



Apparently, we're unable to accept answers with slashes in them, so "24/7" is out of the question.

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Whats the difference between arbeider and jobber?


Outside of fixed expressions they're interchangeable, but there are preferences based on dialect.

It also seems that the younger generation has a preference for "jobber", which is the younger verb as well.


arbeiten auf deutsch. Arbeta på svenska


What does 'around the clock' mean? Im not native english speaker. Could someone explain it to me?


The whole day, from midnight to midnight.


Not necessarily from midnight to midnight!

It's a colloquial expression that means they work a lot, maybe for long stretches of time, maybe during the night as well as the day. Or it could be someone on call, like a doctor, who could be working at any time of day or night, etc.


You know the 'Rock Around The Clock'. Bill Haley & His Comets. It was helping me to understand.


Would it be permissible to say "Her cousin works the whole day 'round"


No, in English that's a bit of a nonsense phrase. "Her cousin works the whole day through" is a proper sentence, but a slightly uncommon one.


"the whole day round" or "all day round/long" sounds perfectly fine to me. Those might be more common in some regions, but I wouldn't consider them limited to particular dialects.


Agreed kyytcp. I've read and heard "the whole day through" in pre-20th-century literature and folk songs, but never "the whole day round," even in the US south, which has a lot of peculiar idioms.


'Her cousin works all hours', is no good?


That translates more to "Fetteren hennes jobber (til) alle døgnets tider." I just made the same mistake, so I went back and looked in my notes.


What would the direct translation of this sentence be?

Is it : Her cousin works the day around


Er "...all through the day." ok?

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