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"Jeg vet hva slags øl vi drikker."

Translation:I know what kind of beer we are drinking.

October 31, 2015



When does one use 'hva slags' and when 'hvilken type'


what kind = hva slags

which kind = hvilken type

They can be used interchangeably.


So for "I dont know what kind of beer we are drinking" is it "Jeg vet ikke hva slags øl vi drikker?"


That's correct.


Am I hearing this correctly? Slags is pronounced "shlaks"?


Yep. There are some regional differences around Norway - not everyone pronouces the 's' as 'sh', or the 'g' so lightly, but this sounds fairly normal Oslo/east Norway to me.


I see. And if I´m not mistaken, this course is Oslo/East Norway. So if I pronounced slags with an S sound and with a firm G, it would not be wrong, but perhaps it would be inconsistent with the rest of my sentence. Like there´s suddenly a word in there with a different accent.


It's ok to mix and match different accents. I usually bundle together the pronunciations that are the fastest to say and that feel more comfortable for my mouth.

I mostly pronounce hv as k and kv, f.ex, I pronounce hvit as "kvit" and hver as "kver" but I almost always use the Oslo s.

When I say "jeg har ikke nok penger for hver dag" i pronounce it like this; "eg ha'kje nok penger for kver dag".

And also my Rs are rolling quite far back in a weird raspy way XD

When learning a language there's absolutely no need to sound like you're from the capital, use whatever accent you like. As long as you make yourself understood.


I guess mixing and matching different accents while learning a foreign language is nearly unavoidable. Because you pick up a lot from different sources. And even as a native you would mix more or less different accents or at least vocabulary, depending how much you move around your country and/or how fare your family is spread out.


Bare til det øyeblikket før jeg begynte å drikke den ellevte.


In these days this question has a strange ring to it...


Why type of beer is not accepted

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